Sunday, November 4, 2007

For those who prefer Mike Patrick over Juan Roque

Here's the 12 minute ESPN broadcast of the game. Enjoy.


Jay said...

That was such a winnable game. The O-Line/Carpenter laid an egg late in the fourth to piss it away. Oregon gave ASU every opportunity to come back, but pissing the ball away it the red zone twice will kill you against a tough Duck team.

Looking forward to UCLA though. ASU had better be ready for a resurgent Bruin team. They cannot be underestimated, especially after two consecutive road losses; they'll be out for blood. The path back to the Rose Bowl starts at the Rose Bowl on Saturday.

Go Devils.

T.J. said...

juan roque is completely unbearable to listen to.

willie56 said...

ESPN was much better to listen to than FSN.They better tackle better on Saturday,then they did against O.Willie-56