Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thoughts from Saturday

  • I'm grabbing Jaison Williams off the waiver wire early next year in fantasy football.
    • I could say the same thing about Mike Jones in another year.
  • Lou Dobbs is going to do a "Broken Borders" special on our offensive line this week. That was embarrassing.
  • If Rudy Carpenter plays another year in Maroon and Gold, he better take out an insurance policy on himself like Willis McGahee and Michael Bush did. Seriously. After that performance by the O-Line, I wouldn't blame him for declaring early, even if it means getting picked on Day 2.
  • Thomas Weber was bound to hook one with the form he uses kicking the ball.
  • I miss Ryan Torain
  • Did not expect Brent Miller to come up big. Good job man.
  • Tyrice Thompson has come up with some big receptions this year...that one just didn't go our way.
  • Dennis Dixon is your Heisman winner if he can come back healthy.
  • 2 for 13 on 3rd down is not going to get it done the rest of the way.
  • Main reason I don't want this team to struggle against UCLA...I just don't want to hear it from U of A fans. Plus, I remember how much it sucks to have a lame duck coach...if the Sun Devils destroy them Dorrell could be fired immediately, which would be more of a gift to UCLA fans than anything.

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willie56 said...

They needed to score when were in the red zone.The two turnovers in the 4th quarter doomed them.If they could have picked that O fumble it's a new game.I liked the pass defense in the 2nd half.O is more dangerous running the ball.After we sustained that O-line injury they started to blitz.This is awake-up call.I would like to see OSU,LSU,or Kansas play O.GoDevils.Willie56