Sunday, October 28, 2007

Eight and 0

That's 8 wins my friends.

Dmitri Nance was the man tonight. Big ups to Nance 3 TD's, Herring, the O-Line, McGaha, James and Tryon tonight. Carpenter was efficient enough with a big second half. I still can't believe Mike Jones dropped that ball in the endzone. And a big thank you goes out to Jeff Tedford for leaving Nate Longshore in the game. Welcome to the Kevin Riley era up in Berkeley.

This team just doesn't make mistakes (after the first drive of the game). If anyone has an extra ticket for the Oregon game, let me know, and I'll take it off your hands for you. This could be the game that decides one half of the national title game (and I'm officially getting ahead of myself.) GO DEVILS!

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Matt said...

I've been telling people about the site all season! You guys are doing a great job as are the Devils. If we could quit digging first quarter holes we could really be a BCS contender! Gotta shore that up against USC and Oregon. They might not let us off a 13 point deficit like Cal did. GO DEVILS!! See ya at work Mark. . .