Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pac-10 Power Rankings

  1. Cal-Berkeley 5-0 (2-0) - They took down an impressive Oregon team and are currently ranked #2 in the nation. Not much is known about the ankle injury to quarterback Nate Longshore due to the fact that Cal had a bye this past week. They play in Pasadena next week, and due to all the athletes they have, they should just walk all over UCLA. Cal by at least 3 scores.
  2. Oregon 4-1 (1-1) - They lost to Cal due to some real unfortunate turnovers and could easily be the #2 team in the nation. They play Wazzou at home next week, and will probably have some trouble because of the speed of the young linebackers the Cougars have. They'll win though.
  3. Arizona State 6-0 (3-0) - We play the Huskies next week at home for family weekend. Carp torched U-Dub two years ago in his first start as a Sun Devil, and I don't think next weekend will be much different.
  4. USC 4-1 (2-1) - What an embarrassment. And John David Booty has a broken finger. See you on Thanksgiving.
  5. Oregon State 3-3 (1-2) - Needed a confidence booster against Arizona yesterday, will give teams a scare and should make a bowl game.
  6. Stanford 2-3 (1-3) - They've only lost to one mediocre Pac-10 team in UCLA, and hung with Oregon. No one saw that upset of USC coming
  7. UCLA 4-2 (3-0) - Karl Dorrell will not be coaching UCLA next season. The fans are pretty fed up with this. An awful performance against Notre Dame yesterday and with no healthy reliable quarterback, this team will be lucky to be smelling the Poinsettias.
  8. Washington 2-3 (0-2)- Impressive OOC wins against Boise state and Syracuse keep them up this high, but they have got to find a rhythm soon. I just hope they find it in two weeks.
  9. Arizona 2-4 (1-2) - Only wins are against Northern Arizona and Washington State. Lame duck QB, lame duck coach, lame mascot.
  10. Wazzou 2-4 (0-3) - This team will not finish the season at #10 in the power rankings or conference standings. They have an awesome quarterback and are about to surprise some people. I'm glad we didn't play them any later in the season, because this team is improving.

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