Friday, October 26, 2007

Proof that Waiting will get you NOWHERE.

One of the keys in life is that when something has to get done, do it quickly, or the opportunity might pass you up.

For instance:

1) If someone offers you an amazing job that you can't pass up, get your two weeks in at your current job faster than you can say "Peace Out."
2) If that hot girl at the bar really wants to hook up with you, then Jesus Christ, get over there and get her tongue in your mouth.
3) If you have the chance to see two top tier programs come to Tempe and play in games that have Pac-10 and national championship ramifications, then buy tickets EARLY.

Case in point: ASU vs. California and ASU vs. USC are now officially sold out.

71,706 fans will pack the House of Heat for both of those games. Better hit up Stubhub if you want seats and don't have them, folks.

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Phil Hughes said...

Even the Longhorn sheep here in Austin are catching on to the Devils. Big Sun Devil alum watch party for the Cal game tonight at the Tavern on Lamar. Great to hear SDS is finally sold out. A win tonight goes a long way beyond this season.