Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Morning Observations

There really needs to be no idle Saturday's for ASU, because when there are, I make dumb decisions such as:
A) Dropping $900 on a brand new computer
B) Watching USC/Notre Dame

But in between doing those things, I've watched a good amount of non-Sun Devil football, and here are some things I've picked up on.

-Those throwback Notre Dame jerseys are awful. Even more awful in HD. As Mark confirmed earlier, I feel like Akili Smith is about to come running out in those awful, mid-90's style green and yellow unis.

-I still really can't stand Pam Ward as a play by play announcer. She just irritates me, and she needs to put more research into her work. Her being on the call made the Iowa/Purdue game even more unwatchable.

-Those of you who were so insistent that Michigan State would take out Ohio State at the Horseshoe, eat it. Eat a lot of it. State is nowhere near the upper echelon of the Big Ten. P.S. this guy still sucks.

-South Carolina's lack of a competent quarterback finally caught up to them. Smelley had two picks and Blake Mitchell had one...all three of them terrible throws...and the Gamecocks lose to the Vanderbilt Fighting Jay Cutlers.

-That loss doesn't help the case of Kentucky, who's currently on the verge of losing control against Florida.

-I'm still looking for someone who really cares (minus alums of the schools) about the Miami/Florida State game.

-Not that Minnesota was a much respected program previously...but the fall from grace (?) came full circle today as they became the second Big Ten team this season to lose to a I-AA opponent. Where's your Laurence Maroney now, Goobers fans? Not only did you lose to the Bison, you gave up 585 YARDS of offense.

-Iowa State's pathetic defense came through today. They really shut down Oklahoma for the majority of the 17-7 loss today...this coming from a team that gave up 35 points to Nebraska two weeks ago. Refer to the previously posted video from the happiest Husker fan in Lincoln to confirm how bad the Cyclones defense is.

-The latest team to put up 70 in a game...your underachieving Clemson Tigers.

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