Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday (mild) Football Hangover

List of drinks drank on Saturday:

Jack and Coke via Ruben Estrada and a Bud Light at a Parent's weekend tailgate.

That was all for the I was completely into the game and the second half. Rula Bula provided the Guinness post game.

Anyways, thoughts on Saturday:

At first I wasn't happy Cal lost. Then I realized, I don't want to beat the #1 team in the country in Cal in two weeks, because it would be too much hype too early.

If we beat the #1 Cal Bears, then we would get way ahead of ourselves, considering Cal has been overhyped all year. They were #2 in the country because Oregon lost that game themselves, not because they were the superior team. Cal is the 4th best team in this conference, and can be beat by any team in this conference. Oregon State proved that.

Oregon smashed Wazzou yesterday 53-7, but in the process lost wide receiver Cameron Colvin for the season with a broken ankle, ending his Duck career. Also, running back Jeremiah Johnson is possibly out for the season as well with a severely sprained knee.

USC couldn't do anything against the Wildcats. Fred Davis was their only reliable offensive player. If U of A wasn't U of A, that's probably the Trojans' second straight loss.

So get this, says ASU will be #9 when the BCS rankings come out. If we showed some consistency in the first half in some of these games, we would be ranked much higher.

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