Saturday, October 6, 2007

@ Wazzou First Quarter Comments

1 PM: Watching the game intro on the Mojo network. Looking at Wazzou's cheerleaders in HD makes me even more happy to be a Sun Devil.

1:02 PM: Already mentioned Carpenter being a leader, and have mentioned Burgess changing positions many times. That's two drinks.

1:04PM: First Dane Cook Actober least it's a break from Petros Papadakis.

1:08: Mention of the 1-2 Torain Herring punch, take another drink.

1:10 - Does anyone actually own a Kyocera phone? They've been promoting on FSN since the first Clinton administration and I've never known anyone to own one. And we have a sideline report about Dennis Erickson's past. That's 4 drinks so far by my count.

1:12 - Burgess gets across the 30 on the kickoff return....visually this game is a complete 180 from the NFL Europa game that was broadcast last week.

1:15 - 3 and out including Carp gettin thrown around like a rag doll...and an awful punt. Wazzou has the ball at the ASU 47. Better wake up quick guys.

1:17 - Robert James is now dishing out the headaches. Looks like WR #2 just got a knee to the head.

1:18 Wazzou has to punt, getting the ball back on the 20 after a touchback.

1:21 - Two straight runs with Ryan Torain, 3rd and 4.

1:22 - Tight End Brady Conrad gets two straight first downs for the Sun Devils on his first two career receptions. Keep it up.

1:24 - Carp throws a pick off of a tip, looks like he was aiming for Mike Jones on a quick slant. Hopefully a 3 and out is coming for Wazzou.

1:27 - After a personal foul on Robert James, Vasquez gets a sack on Brink. He's not credited with it, but Brink gets called for intentional grounding. Wazzou backed up to the 41.

1:29 - Kyle Williams with a nifty move on the punt return and gets out to their own 30. 1st and 10 Sun Devils.

1:35 - Carp might be tipping when he is gonna hike the ball...Wazzou jumped the snap perfectly. Well, spoke too soon, got them to jump offsides on the next play. First down.

1:40 - Wazzouw has the ball back...and we have audio difficulties on the MOJO network. False start for the Cougs, negates a 5 yard gain on a pass. 2nd and 10.

1:43 - Kyle Williams backs off a punt and lets it roll back into Sun Devil territory. First and 10 at about the Sun Devil 46. Still no audio.

1:45 - Quick slant all day to Kyle Williams. First and 10 in Wazzou territory at the 41.

1:47 - End of the First...

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