Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Time To Make A Stand

A buddy of mine told me that he read about this on a message board...and now I'm going to advocate and campaign for it here on Pitchfork Nation.

I've seen things like the Byrd Blackout (Maryland), the White Out (Penn State) and other examples of fan unity throughout NCAA Football this season. It's time to bring it to Tempe.

Devils fans: gold out the stadium on Saturday. The eyes of America will be on Sun Devil Stadium. Show bowl representatives, East Coast Voters, Pac-10 opponents and the rest of the college pigskin world that ASU has the best fans in the Pacific 10 Conference.

If you're a real Sun Devil fan, you own a gold shirt. Dust it off, put it on, make sure it doesn't smell (for your seat neighbors sake) and shout your ass off for Arizona State on Saturday night.

The House of Heat has been rocking so far this season. Now's the time to shake the stadium at it's core. Wear gold. Get loud and rowdy. Now is the time.

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