Saturday, October 20, 2007

Games to keep an eye on

Vanderbilt at South Carolina(6) - Vandy is already up 17-0 as we speak. We could always do without an undefeated SEC team. Go Commodores!

Kansas(13) at Colorado - Another Colorado win against an undefeated Big 12 team will definitely boost our strength of schedule.

Cal(12) at UCLA - The Sun Devils would actually benefit from a Cal win in this case. The Bruins are somehow 3-0 in conference with wins against Stanford, Washington and Oregon State. A
Bruins loss would benefit the Sun Devils greatly, and also, I don't want to see Cal's ranking drop any further for when we play them next week.

USC(14) at Notre Dame - As much as you might want to see the Trojans lose, trust me, you don't. If the Trojans lose, that will mean Notre Dame's only two wins will have come against Pac-10 teams. Wouldn't be good for that whole SEC vs. Pac-10 debate.

Oregon (10) at UDub- This game will tell us a lot. One, how will Oregon fair without two of their top receivers and a top running back, who are all gone for the season. If Oregon smokes U-Dub, we'll see that they have depth and are still a very scary team. If it's a close game, we'll see that Oregon has some adjusting to do if they want to compete for a national title.

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