Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sun Devil Quick Links

Paul LoDuca might not return to the Mets.

Sam Good of The State Press profiles the relatively unknown Troy Nolan.

Dustin Pedroia still has the same swagger he had as a Sun Devil.

Adam Archuleta on the Bears 1-3 start: “Either we tuck our heads between our legs, or go out and fight. Knowing the guys on this team, knowing myself, there are no options. We’re going to come out swinging and get it right.” Archuleta didn't play last week because of a broken hand, and his replacement, rookie Seth Payne, was put on injured reserve after breaking his arm.

The Sporting News profiles the Sun Devils up to this point as only they could; only talking about Dennis Erickson and how soft our schedule has been. There, I saved you two minutes.

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