Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Pitchfork Nation Drinking Game

Every time one of the FSN announcers mentions one of the following about Arizona State football when we play Washington State today, take a drink. If you follow these rules and survive, you might be able to hang with Hakim Hill:

  • Dennis Erickson's past (About how he coached at Washington State, Miami, Oregon State, THE NFL, and Idaho)
  • How the Sun Devils finally won a game in California. Even though I don't blame them for mentioning that again. I actually was at the last game they had won in California...AT USC...IN 1999....WHEN I WAS 14.
  • How the Sun Devils should be 7-0 going into the Cal game.
  • Kellergate and Rudy's ascent to mediocrity last season, and how he's proving to be a leader this year.
  • The 1-2 punch of Ryan Torain and Keegan Herring, and take an extra drink if they mention that Herring could easily be the starter.
  • Rudy Burgess and how he's had to battle back through injuries while playing 47 different positions.
  • Thomas Weber being perfect so far replacing Jesse Ainsworth
  • Robert James' migraines that sidelined him last season
  • Freshman Omar Bolden's interception return last week


1 comment:

Mark said...

Mention Pat Tillman: Salute, then take a drink

Call ASU "A-State": Take a drink

Call ASU "Arizona" or "The Wildcats": Curse at the TV, then drink