Thursday, August 23, 2007

9 wins = $150,000, 10 wins = $350,000

A tidbit out of an opinion article by Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star about the contract incentives for Dennis Erickson:

Arizona State will pay Dennis Erickson a $150,000 bonus if the Sun Devils finish the regular season 9-3. If the Sun Devils win a 10th game, the bonus soars to $350,000.
It is not an entirely ridiculous proposition. The Sun Devils play eight home games and oppose the league's two weakest clubs, Stanford and Washington State, on the road.

By comparison, Arizona's Mike Stoops is contracted to receive $50,000 if the Wildcats win nine regular-season games. If the Wildcats win a 10th game, Stoops is to get $60,000. (And the sun will rise in the west.)

If Erickson doesn't care about the incentive of bragging rights when beating U of A at Sun Devil Stadium on December 1st, he is going to have a monetary incentive as well. The game will probably be either the ninth or hopefully the tenth win for the Sun Devils. In other news, Mike Stoops isn't expecting a Christmas bonus this year.

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