Monday, August 20, 2007

Opponents Notebook, 8/20

Cal has an entire section of their site devoted to the DeSean Jackson Heisman campaign, including highlight videos, a photo gallery, and DeSean's advice to freshmen. The video you see here is not on the site, but happens to be my favorite.

USC is taking preemptive steps in the fight against ignorance of the parents of players by conducting seminars to inform them how to prevent being a part of an NCAA violation.

UCLA's offense underperformed in their scrimmage, with Karl Dorrell and quarterback Ben Olson saying the purpose was to keep opposing scouts in the dark. I wish ASU could have used that excuse for its own poor offensive effort in Friday's scrimmage.

Not much in football news for Arizona, but in basketball news, Richard Jefferson has donated $3.5 Million to U of A to build a practice facility baring his name.

Oregon's defensive line has taken a hit due to the transfer of senior end Victor Filipe.

Chris Johnson is a long way from home, but now has his time to shine at Oregon State.

One writer up in Pullman thinks his quarterback isn't being treated fairly by the Wazzou fans.

Colorado has released their depth chart, with coach's son Cody Hawkins leading the team at quarterback. Freshman standout receiver Josh Smith is out indefinetly with a bruised kidney.

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