Friday, August 31, 2007

Koetter strikes again

We all know the story of Sam Keller getting the starting job last season, and then Koetter going back on his word and giving the starting job to Rudy Carpenter. Well, it's happened again, and this time the victim is Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich. David Garrard was the star druing the preseason, but Leftwich was very confident early in camp that he would be leading the offense this season, saying to the Jacksonville Times-Union:

"It's almost like my offense," Leftwich said. "I feel as though it was meant for me and coach [Dirk] Koetter to work together. These are the types of things that I've always done before I got here. These are the types of things that made me that first-round pick, made me the seventh pick of the draft. Every day I come out here, man, I know he [Koetter] has all the belief in the world in me. I can't let that man down."

Guess he doesn't have much belief in you, Byron. Leftwich will reportedly be either traded or released by the Jaguars as it seemed the fans we're fed up with Byron. The offense struggled during the preseason for the Jaguars, and with Leftwich's big cap number and lackluster stats, he was an easy target to be the scapegoat. Jack Del Rio officially made the decision and has every right to name whoever he wants at quarterback, but it is kind of ironic that Dirk Koetter is a key decision maker at offensive coordinator.

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