Sunday, August 5, 2007

News from our opponents

UCLA is anticipating the return of Ben Olson at quarterback, or as Bruins Nation likes to call him, SouthPaw Jesus

#1 ranked USC's John David Booty has a homecoming in Louisiana for the National Title game already in his sights. Hopefully by the Friday after Thanksgiving his family can make reservations for the Holiday Bowl.

Colorado's honorable mention freshman All-American Michael Sipili has been suspended indefinetly after a June arrest where he (allegedly) broke CU student John Antrim's face. Defensive tackles Taj Kaynor and Chris Perri were suspended 1 and 3 games respectively for their roles in the altercation.

All 3 Bay Area teams on the schedule, San Jose State, Cal and Stanford, are all very optimistic about their upcoming seasons. Cal is the only team in this bunch with a realistic chance of playing in a BCS bowl game, but San Jose State will be a better than average team this season, while Stanford will only go as far as recievers Mark Bradford and Evan Moore will take them.

Mike Stoops is salivating over his new tight end, Rob Gronkowski of Buffalo, while a freshman corner discloates his hip after a lineman fell on him.

Washington's offensive coordinator Tim Lappano thinks freshman quarterback Jake Locker will be able to handle the pressure, going as far as comparing him to Drew Brees, whom he recruited at Purdue.

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