Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Stevin "Hedake" Smith Pac-10 Football Conference Standings

Here's how notorious ASU game fixer Stevin "Hedake Smith" would presumably see the Pac-10 shaking out. Even though this site does not support online sports gambling in accordance with the Federal Wire Act , we bring you the odds that BoDog.com has put on their website for winning the Pac-10 this year in football.

USC 1/3
Cal 3/1
UCLA 7/1
ASU and Oregon 12/1
Arizona 15/1
Oregon State 25/1
Washington 35/1
Washington State 40/1
Stanford 60/1

USC is the clearly the favorite, while Arizona State is at 12 to 1 odds to win the Pac-10. That's kind of ironic, because I'm pretty sure #12 (Rudy Carpenter) to #1 (Michael Jones) is going to be a pretty familiar combination this season. There is a disparity though between these odds and the Pac-10 media poll as far as Oregon State is concerned; they're given the 7th best odds of winning the conference while the Pac-10 coaches think they're going to finish 5th. Meanwhile, both offshore gambling firms and the majority of the Pac-10 media haven't gotten the message from Jim Harbaugh that Stanford is for real.

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