Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Opponents Notebook, 8/22

Even if Josh Barrett knocks San Jose State quarterback Adam Tafralis out of the game early, the Spartans have reserves who can step in at a moment's notice.

Colorado is having some issues with its defensive line.

Lynell Hamilton, a former freshman All-American running back for San Diego State, is having trouble staying on the field due to chronic knee problems. Don't expect Mel Kiper to be talking about this guy come April.

Sammie Stroughter, Oregon State's All-American Wide Receiver and Punt Returner, is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team, citing the deaths of prominent male role models in his life. Sammie is a senior, but has not used up his redshirt status yet.

Washington State's inexperienced offensive line is looking towards Vaughn Lesuma, a 25-year old native of Fiji, to provide leadership.

The Huskies seem excited about a middle linebacker they've dubbed a "diamond in the rough."

Some Cal bloggers break down the Arizona State football program. Try and find out what the point of the post is, because I still can't figure it out.

Oregon's professors are pretty pissed off about that whole $100 Million Nike donation to the athletic program.

UCLA has some major problems with their backfield
, with backup safety Christian Rameriz shifting to running back and linebacker Fred Holmes moving to fullback.

Pete Carroll puts USC up in a hotel on the night before their scrimmage to mimic gameday situations.

U of A sophomore kick returner Devin Ross says he plans on "returning one kick for a touchdown every game."

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