Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pac-10 News and Notes

The athletic departments of Oregon, Oregon State, and UCLA, are all being subpoenaed by New York State Attroney Genereal Andrew M. Cuomo due to their involvement with a Student Financial Services. Allegedly, members of athletic departments of 39 schools would get kickbacks if they referred athletes to Student Financial Services. Cuomo was quoted as saying,

“Students trust their University’s athletic departments because so much of campus life at Division I schools centers around supporting the home team. To betray this trust by promoting loans in exchange for money is a serious issue, especially when Division I schools already generate tremendous revenue from their student athletes. Today’s action is an important new step as we continue to examine the unethical conflicts that pervade the student loan industry.”

Rich Perelman of the LA Times, who seems to be the go-to-guy as far as UCLA sports are concerned, had more to say on this story.

- Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen was on The Herd with Colin Cowherd this morning. If you have the ESPN insider subscription, you can listen to the interview here. Basically, the interview consisted of Tom Hansen defending his backwards practices like having Pac-10 basketball only on regionally, with his rationale being "He can get every game on DirecTv." Then you had Colin Cowherd ranting about how USC needs to get out of the Pac-10 and be on their own since Boise State is better than every other team in this conference. Thankfully, when Cowherd is on all one has to do is switch the dial to AM 910 or 1060. And if you don't like Tom Hansen, we'll, you're not alone.

- And in U of A news, Tui promises that he's "not worried" about his history of concussions and that he'll be ready to air it out this season. Hey, if those concussions had any affect on his brain, he can always find a tutor.

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