Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ainsworth and Carnahan are both training camp casualties

As expected, Jesse Ainsworth was cut by the Browns yesterday without getting a real shot to prove himself. I really wanted Jesse Ainsworth to make an NFL team. I thought he was an impressive kicker during his college career. Some of his highlights included that 48 yard field goal to go into the half against #14 Iowa in the 2004 44-7 beatdown, and of course the 20 yard chip shot to seal the deal against Arizona in '05.

I don't know what separates Ainsworth and another rookie kicker, Justin Medlock, who has been consistently inconsistent this preseason with the Chiefs as seen on HBO's Hard Knocks but is still easily going to make the team. I think Ainsworth deserves to be brought into another training camp to compete. Maybe Dallas can pick him up to compete with U of A's Nick Folk.

In related news, Andrew Carnahan was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Andrew didn't see much of the field during the preseason nursing a knee injury, presumably the same injury he suffered at Memorial Stadium in Berkley last year.


ike said...

I'm sorry, but Ainsworth was not that great of a kicker. The dude could not hit the long one, you mention one kick of 48 yards to end a half. Hardly worth mentioning. I of course celebrated my ass off at the 20 yarder, but cmon, 20 yards.

Folk on the other hand was a pretty solid kicker and could hit the long ball.

Mark said...

Ainsworth's numbers were very similar to Folk's. If he missed that 20 yard field goal in the clutch, then I wouldn't mention him.

Scott Jones said...

It's not all about the field goals. Ainsworth was a stud at kickoff touchbacks, which can have as much impact in a game than a missed field goal.