Friday, August 10, 2007

Opponents Notebook

Apparently, Lute Olson was a big fan of the text messaging that is now outlawed in recruiting. I think he can get his own T-mobile Sidekick deal with T-Mobile like Dwayne Wade has with the Sidekick 3, with big keys and an extra large screen. He can totally corner that aging baby boomer market. They can call it the Sidekick 73 Silver Edition.

A reporter in Boise is all for the idea of his team playing Oregon in China during the 2009 season, and details what needs to get done before it happens. I give it a 2% chance of happening. Write that down, stat boy.

Chuck Long is in year two of the "rebuilding" process of the San Diego State Aztecs football program. Rebuild...rebuild to what? The last time San Diego State was somewhat relevant, Marshall Faulk was in their backfield.

Washington cornerback Jordan Murchison was arrested for failing to show up to a July 16th arraignment hearing on a felony assault charge, and was released on $10,000 bail. Note to self: Pay ridiculous $123 jaywalking ticket I received on Mill Avenue on Saturday. If anyone knows how I can get out of that, please, send an email.

Also in the police blotter, it looks like UCLA receivers coach Eric Scott will not be charged after being arrested following a burglary in Norwalk, California. Looks like no witnesses were willing to talk. Now that Scott's past criminal history has been made public, I don't find it likely that he will be back on the sidelines for the Bruins anytime soon.

Assistant head coach Steve Sarkisian got to take over the reins for a day at USC camp, while head coach Pete Carroll attended Bill Walsh's memorial service. Sarkisian is hoping to take over a college program soon, I just hope he doesn't end up in Tucson next year.

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